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[Jul. 9th, 2004|02:17 am]

last monday i got back from an around the world trip that included tours of oklahoma city, little rock, atlanta, savannah, charleston, raleigh and edisto island in SC. needless to say it was amazing. charleston is U N B E L I E V A B L Y beautiful, and good friends become more and more amazing. unfortunately i didnt get to see everyone i wanted to (yeatez y kate), but i was still blown away. its weird how you can pack so much STUFF into such a short amount of time, i havent processed anything yet.


now ive been home four days and it feels like a lifetime and i have to find a job. i know, i never got one b/c i knew id be traveling for a while annnd... my mom was still paying for everything. not that i was on some kind of shopping spree-uh, but. dont worry though, i feel like a loser, i need $$$ mad crazy, and ill do anything to get it. except for... like, i really wont do that much... so...

anyway tomorrow i am going off in the city of raleigh to hunt down large adventures ($$$) and other assorted valuables. assorted plundering.

every night on the island last week the moon was so bright you could see your shadow on the beach, and i was so hypnotized and thats all ive been able to tell people. THATS CRAZY, especially since ive, my... wilderness adventures are limited to the innumberable, sanitized boy scout camps i attended growing up. and the waves, the WAVES, even more hypnotizing. i cant imagine growing up ON the coast and getting used to the ocean, like, becoming so acclamated as a local that things like your shadow at night from the moon doesnt phase you as much anymore.

now i have 10 pages left to go with "Love in the Time of Cholera," a contemporary classic by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. i love that name so much ive repeated it a 100 million times to people i know- "oh yea im in the middle of 'Love in...'" isnt that name fantastic? i know, thats why im reading it.