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PART 9 What do I have to say? when the weekend rolls around, i like… - HOT WALKER [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jul. 11th, 2004|10:17 pm]

What do I have to say?

when the weekend rolls around, i like to get naked. nake, nake, nuh-nuh-naked! its hard though, b/c in a house full of family, you can really only walk around naked in your room. and the shower. but the shower does not provide enough naked breathing room. so instead i went to barnes and noble.

i practically live at barnes y noble. funnily enough, i havent started to recognize anyone who works there, and thats a good thing. many people value the title of "a regular," and in my younger years i thought that i would too. but im too self concious about this for some reason, which is weird b/c normally in any and all other situations i can BS like no othuh' mutha'in he-yuh! i can wax on and on about practically anything in any setting, but, something about being recognized like that just... BLAM!

last summer my sister and i lived at char-grill, and started chatting with the workerz, and, it made me pannic and i froze and it was just so weird. this also happened at mcdonalds, and most recently at the library. i cant figure out what im insecure about. well, i havent really given it any thought either. lucky for me barnes/noble has an incredibly large work force, ridiculously large, like, so large that im sure if they wanted too they could gangbang like no other. when i worked at abercrombie, there was also a work force way too large and everytime i went in to stand around and do nothing or fold the same pile or shirts 16 times for 8 hours while music composed by people without ears blared at innopropriate levels i never knew if someone was a customer or a fellow corporate slave "and it was SO annoying."

anyway ------------>

There's never anything as sweet, or as sour, as being left hanging, on AOL Instant Messenger.

[User Picture]From: i_of_the_storm
2004-07-13 12:26 am (UTC)
i <3 naked time.

and am enjoying it...

Right Now.
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