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[Aug. 4th, 2004|01:23 am]
this brash, knowing, massive, aggressive novel is to modern india what gunter grass's 'the tin drum' is to modern germany. marvelous, epic. thats what someone recently said about this online situation of mine. IMPRESSED?

ahahaha all r & b songs say 'i really wanna be witch choo' ahahaha. nice. i need new music really really badly. new badly drawn boy and jill scott come out soon. actually, they might be out. and i still dont have new wilco or sam phillips. LAME 4 ME. of course there is alot more too, but there is not enough room.

so i watched the DNC everynight last week, i really liked everything i saw, even though im sure 1/2 was semi-propaganda. i have hardcore pride about john edwards, i like to pretend i know him. I KNOW PEOPLE WHO KNOW HIM. and his son is buried down the row from my grandma (which is really weird). so we're basically friends. i saw he and kerry when they came to state and that was awesome, and i really want to volunteer and do something around the city for their campaign. instead, ive sat on my ass watching the ashley simpson show. youre welcome. anyway im signed up for their mailing list and they write every other day, so im kind of satisfied. no im not!

the best party ive attended since the school year occured the other week- to borrow quotes from other people:

"Chapel Hill is beautiful. It is perfect for me. The perfect mix of preppy and pink with indie rock and hardcore. A little bar time a little scene time. Throw in a frat house but don't forget a hippie shop. How's about some liberal politics? Maybe an upscale night with young repubs at Top O's. Can't forget Carborro afternoons with wine and cheese and blankets on the green lawns. Or a few HOURS spent at school kids trying desperately to hold onto your money. How about some basketball? Disc Golf? Photography? Thrift store madness? It is as random as I am. It has a beauty that is simple but complex and is a place of independent thought. Definitely sending my Grad school application to a Chapel Hill address. GRE scores, you better be good."

"bynum's party was FABULOUS. i got to see bynum (obviously), my big brother, mere (well, courtesy of a slight detour to t-vegas), and FINALLY, walker! yay! i also got to meet some wonderfully awesome others: liz, chris, will, ashley, lindsey, ali... i love you guys. you make my heart sing. and all that good stuff. and i had a shot of jd."

unfortunately i dont remember anything past... 1ish, i drank way too fast and yea. it was fine, i just dont remember what happened, and im pretty pissed b/c i really wanted to savor every moment but. I LEARNED SOMETHING DIDNT I?

uh... thats it.

[User Picture]From: i_of_the_storm
2004-08-04 12:25 am (UTC)
what!? no reference to how wonderfully serendipitous it was to meet me!? i am devestated.

not for real though, just for play-play.
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[User Picture]From: aliyeates
2004-08-04 06:10 am (UTC)
You make my heart sing, Cat.

Oh and Walker, you know you do too. Seriously, seeing my quote made me feel special. Ha. I am such a five year old. Thanks for putting my drawing on the fridge, mom. I loooves you.
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